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I just want to let you know that this blog has been moved to HERE.

Sorry if some things are messy ☆

See you there 🙂


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Tiny Cute Mini Muffin

Mini MuffinMini Muffin

This is a must have food for kids party! 🙂  Small enough to grab with tiny hands, and they are just right size for little people.

The ingredients are totally same as my previous post “blueberry cupcake” (please search from the search box)

You can create few varieties, like choco chips(white, dark or milk), berries(raspberries, blueberries, blackberries…, veges(zucchini, pumpkin, carrot…), cheese etc.  The photos are choco chips muffins and blueberry muffins.

in silicon bake ware

I used this mini muffin silicon bake ware.  Actually the paper liners are not needed as I could take those tiny ones out easily without any hassle.

one bite size

Nice to have two or three as after lunch snack, or for kid’s lunch box, tea party, and more!

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Wagamama Fremantle

Recently I had a chance to go to this newly opened Wagamama restaurant in Fremantle.  It was my first time to try their food whilst Wagamama Subiaco has been there in Perth for a while.  

2 wagamama in WA

It was actually pre-opening launch party and all the food I had was free!  (even though there was a limit of “1 entree & 1 main per person”, seven of us ordered different dishes and shared all) Free food… nothing is better than this:)

The atmosphere was great – casual layout and friendly staff, although I noticed that the cuisine is not really a Japanese.  These are the food we ordered↓↓↓

Fresh Juice

We started with freshly squeezed juice as a waitress strongly recommended them to us.  The left is mixed fruit juice and the right is apple+mint+lime.

Duck GyozaChicken Gyoza

We ordered 3 kinds of Gyoza: Duck, Chicken and Ebi (prawn).  Only the sauce for Duck gyoza contains Hoisin sauce because of its strong taste and flavour: the other sauce (for chicken, ebi and yasai (vege)) are normal Gyoza sauce. (which is soy sauce based, with dash of sesame oil and sometimes with ra-yu)

Tori Kara Age

Tori Kara Age (Deep-fried marinated chicken) is normally larger pieces of chicken but I guess this is Wagamama style.

Negima Kushi

A kind of Yakitori dish.  (negi = spring onion)  They tasted ok!

Chili Squid

The dipping sauce was lime syrup!(with a slice of fresh chili)  Fusion of spiciness and sweetness.

Chicken Kare RamenEbi kare Ramen

Chicken Kare and Ebi Kare Ramen.  They are definitely not Japanese food as this Kare (curry) contains coconut cream and tasted like Laksa soup.  If you eat it as some kind of Asian noodle, it tastes great.

Chicken Yaki UdonYaki Udon

Yaki Udon (stir-fried udon noodle) is one of my favorite:)  The plain Yaki Udon came with a sprinkle of fish floss on the top.

Yakisoba with Steak

Slices of beef steak was nicely cooked (medium) and delicious, though the noodle was little too soft and it wasn’t to my taste.

(traditional) Japanese cuisine doesn’t use coconut, chili, coriander, Hoisin sauce, red onion, bok choy etc….  Very different.

The first Wagamama was established in London few decades ago by a Hong Kong business man, and now there are about 50 Wagamama restaurants in London, few in France, Dubai, Holland, Australia… and more!  Amazing….

 It’s interesting that there is no Wagamama restaurants in most of Asian countries.  The target marketing must be non-Japanese people.  I don’t think this Wagamama restaurant can survive in Japan either:p  Different market.  But I think the food and atmosphere are great for a casual dining experience 🙂

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Since I came to Perth there is one thing that I noticed about myself…

My memory is getting short!! (>0<)

I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night.  It’s getting serious…  I’m too young to be dementia 😦

In Japan I used to eat fish (and fish egg) a lot.  Sometimes twice a day.  There are lots of kinds of fish and most of them (eg Tuna, Bonito, Yellowtail, Sardine, etc) contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) which is good for brain and health.  So I was consuming good source of food in Japan without any effort. 

Now, however, I don’t eat fish here so often and I’m doubting maybe this is the reason for my short memory :p  Well, I guess fish is not only the reason, but it could be one of them.

I really had to do something about it.  I don’t really like taking medicine or supplements.  Then, I found this wonderful herb in a gardening store near my house.  It’s called “BRAHMI”.


This Brahmi has been used in traditional Indian medicine for over 3000 years, and there are incredible stories about this plant.  (You can find out more from this website)  It says that eating this herb actually helps concentration and memory recall. …. I have to try then!

brahmi with floweras a garnish

The shape of this herb is actually cute and I can just put it in the kitchen:)  Now I’m taking about 3g of it everyday, as a tea infusion, as a garnish to cakes and as an ingredients for my sandwiches / pizza toppings 🙂

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Recently I bought this retro-looking popcorn machine for my home.  Popcorn is not really my favorite snack, but it’s just for fun 🙂  No oil needed, so it’s kinda healthy.

popcorn machine

Searching about the popcorn machine online reminded me of a popcorn vending machine in Japan.  The machines were usually in shopping centers, and I used to get popcorn often from the machine when I was little.  


The body of the machine is gray-haired guy, and you could choose 5 flavors: butter, salt, caramel, BBQ and mayonnaise.  It costed 100 yen a cup of popcorn so I could buy with my pocket money 🙂

Once you get in the floor in the shopping center where the machine is located, you wouldn’t miss the smell of popcorn…  Smells so nice!! (>0<)  The smell always made me buy a cup of popcorn :p

Apparently there are other models of popcorn machines in Japan, like Hello Kitty.


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Green Tea Noodle

Tonight I had Green Tea Soba Noodle (cha-soba).  Since the weather is hot, cold noodle is just fine for dinner :p


Can you see the color of noodle is green?  It consists Uji Maccha Tea (Uji = area in Kyoto) and I could  smell / taste Maccha Tea really!  Yum 🙂

I love seaweed, so I ate soba with lots of wakame and kombu.  Plus, I made up some vegetable side dish Namul.  Namul is a kind of Korean dish, but I didn’t follow any recipe.  I just made up something looks/tastes like Namul.



Cha-soba and Namul

Cha-soba and Namul


Cut carrot into matchsticks shape.  Boil in the water until just cooked.  Boil beansprouts too.

Mix them up with chopped spring onion in a bowl.  Season with salt, sesame oil and minced garlic.  


With Rose wine 🙂

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Kit Kat in Japan

One thing I noticed about Japan since I came to Perth is that Japan has lots of products, food and… everything!  I was amazed when I read the article about Kit Kat chocolate in Japan.  There are so many flavor of Kit Kat in Japan which you cannot find in other countries! :p

Here are some examples…

 Which flavor tempts you??  Personally I really wanna try this “Soy Sauce Kit Kat”!! 🙂

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